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Südback 2016: a great success

Panini, ciabatta, baguette: large-format photos of Mediterranean pastries turned the WP BAKERYGROUP exhibition booth into an attractive highlight at the Südback.

The atmosphere at the most important German trade fair for the bakery trade was excellent and the WP exhibition booth was very well frequented. The motto “That's how Mediterranean WP can be” was the trend. Panini & co. are becoming increasingly popular. But handling of this soft dough requires the right technology such as the PANE PUR. It rolls the dough just like hand-rolled. At the live baking in the legendary MATADOR

deck oven that was presented with a stone made from volcanic ash for the first time, visitors tested just how good it tastes when products are baked on volcanic stone. And in the VACUSPEED the baked goods are gently cooled down so that they stay fresh longer.

Exhibitor: Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH

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